Health assessments $149

This is an initial discovery session to help you understand what your health concerns are. It will include Iridology and Sclerology (photos of your eyes) to assess what is happening inside your body. This will help you understand what your health pathway needs to be and will help you set your intentions.

Lifestyle detox programs (prices on application)

4 week ‘Reset your Gut’ program – this program begins with a colon cleansing protocol and then focuses on getting you to eat the right foods to support your health and rebuild gut microbiome. It is more than just helping you adopt a plant based lifestyle, it is an education program designed to help you change the direction of your health so that you can avoid chronic disease.

8 week Group Coaching ‘Get Detoxed!‘ – This group coaching program is ideal for friends or families that want to work together. It begins with a full health assessment to understand your nurture points. It includes a colon cleansing protocol, diet modification and guided fasting support. This is an education program which will teach you all you need to know so that you can implement the changes needed to regain control of your health.

12 week ‘Live like you mean it’ – If you are completely committed to changing everything about your lifestyle, this program is for you. Over the 12 week period, you will learn everything you need to know about how to transform every aspect of your life so that you can thrive and and avoid chronic disease. We will work through many cleansing protocols, we’ll review your diet to ensure you are eating the right foods to support great health, we will look at your environment to make sure that you’re not surrounded by toxic chemicals, and we’ll take a deep look into your emotional state because you can drink all the green juice, but if you don’t heal your heart, you will never truly be healthy.

If you’re interested to learn more about any of these programs, simply call Diane on 0425 750 892 to discuss further.

Guided juice fasts

If you’ve been wanting to give a juice fast a go but you’re not sure where to start, book yourself a guided fast. You will be supported while you fast each day. Join a 7, 14 or 21 day guided juice fast or a 3, 5 or 10 day water fast. You will be provided with recommendations for juices based on the body systems you are targeting, plus support with emotional and physical detox symptoms along the way. You will also be assisted to properly break your fast at the end.


Renew Health Coaching run lots of different classes throughout the year. Here are some of the programs on offer:

  • Learn to ‘Detox your Home’ using Young Living products
  • Supermarket tours – learn how to make the right choices at the checkout
  • Pantry cleanouts – let’s get rid of what no longer serves you
  • Perfumery master classes – make your own perfume using essential oils
  • Make your own personal care products (toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)

EFT Tapping

You can drink all the green juices and eat all the right foods but ultimately, if you’re not addressing your emotional issues your health will still suffer. Detoxing your lifestyle is not just about the food that you eat, it’s about making sure you’re taking care of your mental health. EFT can greatly assist in overcoming the emotional blocks that are getting in the way of you healing. EFT has many great advantages, for example, Diane uses this technique to help you overcome food addictions or emotional connections to foods.

September’s [free] educational webinars:

Healthy Homes

Learn how to ditch those nasty chemicals and replace them with Young Living’s Thieves range.

When: Tuesday 1st September 2020

Register here: https://bit.ly/3aL3bWh

Essential Oils 101

Learn all the basics so you can safely and effectively use essential oils in your everyday life.

When: Wednesday 9th September 8pm AEST

Register here:  https://bit.ly/3jxE24w

Welcome to Young Living

If you are new to Young Living and Heal Thy Self with Oils, this webinar is for you. Learn about the Young Living quality and range, plus the support that is available to you via our Heal Thy Self with Oils private Facebook group.

When: Thursday 17th September 8pm AEST

Register here: https://bit.ly/3bimO8n

Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats

Come along to learn how you can safely and effectively use essential oils with your dogs and cats!

When: Wednesday 30th September 8pm

Register here: https://bit.ly/3bgHwp2