Your health assessment will include an in depth analysis of the current state of your health. With the use of Iridology and Sclerology, you will gain an insight into the areas within your body that need your most attention. The results of that analysis will form the foundation of your customised health program which you will be guided through step by step to help you achieve the best version of you possible. This proven methodology will help you regain control of your health and get you your life back.

During your program, you will have the opportunity to review your entire lifestyle, not just your relationship with food, but also your daily water intake, your daily exercise regime, your passion in life, your relationships with people and the fresh air and sunshine in each of your days to assess what areas are lacking and what changes are needed to restore balance.

You will be taught how to nourish yourself and your family with the right life-giving foods. You will be guided through cleansing and detox protocols, coached through juice and water fasts and supported while you eliminate toxicity from your body, your home and your life.

When you accept that you deserve to feel amazing and are worthy of a great life, when you are truly ready for change and are ready to commit to a new lifestyle then book your free 15 minute chat.